Fundraiser in the ‘Ming

I returned to Kunming for a brief visit, to help out with the Have a Heart fundraiser. It was great to reconnect with my friends and business network after a first month in Dali. It was even greater to be part of an event that raised a whopping 316,000 RMB (about 40,000 euro). Have a Heart raises funds for Yunnan children who need a heart operation. The Kunming community truly rocks.

Heyang house is coming along nicely. I now have a tiled bathroom, sanded wooden beams and floors and the concrete walls are receiving a final layer of rustic white plaster. It’s turning into a very bright space and starting to look (almost) liveable. I hope that the fruits of my gigantic online shopping spree on 11/11 – China’s version of Black Friday – can be installed soon. I bought a bathtub, a hot water tank, two cute cast iron wood burners for the kitchen and the second floor, a kitchen sink and some other bits and bobs.

Health-wise, things are much better than a month ago. I’ve quit alcohol for four months and upped my thyroid meds. Energy levels are increasing. Financial health could be better (give me work!) but I’m optimistic it will work out.

I’ve updated my resources page, with a bunch of sources for good reading.

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