Crunch it in the countryside

A short and somewhat hurried update this week. After the two film nights last week, a mild flu knocked me down and I’m only just emerging, after two days of mostly sleeping. Having ‘wasted’ two days in bed, I feel as if I now have to crunch down hard.

Crunch it

Flu or no flu, work is through the roof. I can only hope that it will continue to be this way. Right now, I’m in the middle of proofreading an extensive Yunnan travel blog. Also, I’m preparing for the next Dutch Culture Nights in October. I’m designing and prepping a fairly large outdoor art installation for an arts festival in Beijing end of this month. Last week I presented a selection of Dutch designers to a Chinese project developer. A large Dutch cryptocurrency platform has hired me as blogger and newsletter writer. So much for relaxing in the countryside!

This alongside learning everything that comes with running a Chinese business, the ongoing red tape of acquiring my next residence permit, budgeting and planning the renovation of a historical courtyard home, studying Chinese, dreaming of doing more exercise and trying to maintain in touch with friends and family, people nearby and further afield. I spend more time cooking because there are no eateries in the village, and this is my favourite distraction during otherwise busy days.


Was I afraid I wouldn’t have enough work when I first went solo, I’m now getting a bit worried I won’t have enough time to breathe. Tonight and tomorrow I’m tearing myself away from my screen, to meet up with some new friends. This evening I’m joining a gourmet dinner at a courtyard home in the next village, and tomorrow I’m heading into Dali Old Town for coffee and chat. I’m now almost two months sober, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have any fun anymore!

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