Get into a groove

Two weeks into my new Dali life, and I’m finally finding my groove, finding my rhythm. Recovered from a dreadful cold, most of my stuff unpacked and organized in my …

Tripping, tilting, shifting

A long overdue update – meaning that too much has been happening. A neuroscientist friend once told me that human beings can handle stress in one or two areas of …

Yuan Xiao Cen Museum

Nice to meet you, you and you too!

I recently announced my new WenLan 文兰 endeavour. Now, I’m planning to move to a small village near Dali. This week, therefore, was all about meeting as many people as possible. For my cultural exchange projects, I want to cultivate partnerships so I can do more with less budget.

WenLan is here!

I’m very excited to announce the launch of WenLan. I am a Dutch cultural producer, based in beautiful Yunnan Province, China. I’m looking forward to working with you!