你好, 我是维拉 – 或 w n l é n 中文. I am a Dutch creative yet practical cultural producer and writer, 在云南生活和工作. About me: 我对组织有敏锐的眼光, opportunities and collaborations. My CV shows a demonstrated history of working in communication, 荷兰和云南的文化与创意产业. Please read on and find out how I can help you.



  • 翻译. 中文到荷兰语或英语. 英语到荷兰语到英语.
  • 写作, 编辑, 校对. I produce original content in English or Dutch, 或者让我为你修复你写作的最后一个挑剔的细节, 用我的鹰眼语法和拼写错误.
  • 事件. 原始概念, 合作, 采购, 规划, 生产.
  • 跨文化和跨行业咨询.
  • 项目管理. Managing timelines, 团队, 预算和, 答案是肯定的, 结果.
  • 更多...让我们一起努力!


我已经在几个领域组织了我的成绩. 通过这些链接直接跳转到相关字段:


Hungarian highways
Picture by Cyril Chermin


  • 保持 戈昆明 Covid-19 期间的网站访问者数, 即使没有游客来该地区, 也没有活动发生在全省各地.
  • 成为可接近的 "脸"’ 的 戈昆明 在国际社会在云南担任主编后. 禁止在网站上拖曳, 成立一个小型的版主志愿者小组,使论坛再次成为有用的资源. 这反过来又使该网站再次对广告商有价值, 具有出色的广告销售效果, 从现有客户端, 返回旧客户和全新的客户.
  • Edited daily social media updates for GoKunming Facebook and Instagram pages.


  • 成立自己的公司并管理自己的收购, 簿记, 规划, 沟通和设计.
  • 管理目的地中国视频团队的工作流程.
  • 重组和结构化云桥/GoKunming – 使其达到国际组织管理标准. 组织存档, 设置项目管理协议, 设计预算模板并实施每周会议, 评估等.
  • 管理 美德平台基础 and the tidy and organised handing over of the administration to Het Nieuwe Instituut, the new umbrella organisation for the creative industries in the Netherlands.


Initiated and produced the Dutch Culture Nightsa series of events aimed at cultural exchange (with generous funding from the Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Chongqing). The Dutch Culture Nights started in 2020 with a pilot of two film screenings at three locations in Yunnan: 林登中心 in Xizhou, Wheatfield Bookstore in Kunming and Dali Art Factory in Dali. 在 2021 the programming will be extended with Artist Talks and PechaKucha nights.

成立昆明国际形势主义学会. 发起, conceptualized and produced two editions of the KISS microfest, 特色谈话, a film screening, live music performances and a dérive.

Produced a documentary premiere in Kunming’s Green Lake Park, the first Kunming PechaKucha night and produced, hosted and did the communication for two editions of the Best of Kunming awards while working for GoKunming.

Best of Kunming

启动和制作 循环! – 自行车文化的庆祝活动. 她与谢丽尔·加拉威一起组织了为期三天的迷你节和表演, 骑自行车, 艺术展和更多.


  • 发起昆明国际形势学会K KISS 2019 并参加了几个 德里维斯, a Situationist art practice and a form of urban performance that is about experiencing our environment in a different, more playful way.
  • IWE博物馆人类驱动展览的概念与装置, 昆明. In collaboration with Kunming artist and curator 罗飞.
  • Artwork and lecture for the Invisible Planet exhibition at TCG Nordica gallery, 昆明.
  • Bicycle Monologues performance at the Amsterdam edition of the Bicycle Film Festival.
  • 循环的启动器! – 骑自行车和艺术在三天的节日中相遇 2010.


  • 提供 关于科维德-19的可信信息 为国际社会云南, 在一个专门的志愿者团队的帮助下,她建立和管理. 她的文章被跟踪到云南以外, as it was one of the very few English news sources from within China that provided up-to-date and verified information about the Covid-19 situation.
  • Assisting with the annual Have a Heart fundraiser, 帮助云南农村儿童获得心脏病诊断的慈善机构, 他们需要的手术或治疗.
  • Volunteer language coach for refugees in the Netherlands with 施蒂廷·弗卢赫泰林根韦尔克.


  • 从阿姆斯特丹骑自行车到东京. 在她 乌夫蒂博客 you can find some of the stories about life on the road.
  • Re-designed and renovated her historical Amsterdam apartment and a traditional courtyard house in rural Dali.