Hi, I’m Vera – or 文兰 wén lán in Chinese . I’m a Dutch creative yet practical cultural producer and writer, living and working in Yunnan. I have a keen eye for organization, opportunities and collaborations and a demonstrated history of working in communication, culture and the creative industries in the Netherlands and Yunnan.

What can I do for you?

  • Translation – Chinese to Dutch or English. English to Dutch to English.
  • Writing, editing, proofreading – original content in English or Dutch, or let me fix the last finicky details of your writing for you, with my eagle eye for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Events – Original concepts, collaborations, sourcing, planning, production.
  • Cross-cultural and cross-industry consultancy.
  • Project management – managing timelines, teams, budgets and, of course, results.
  • Much more… Let’s work together!


I’ve organized my achievements in several fields. Jump directly to the relevant field with these links:


Online marketing and communication

  • Maintained GoKunming website visitor numbers during Covid-19, even if no visitors were coming to the region and there were no activities happening around the province.
  • Became the approachable ‘face’ of GoKunming in the international community in Yunnan upon taking on the role as editor-in-chief. Banned trolling on the website, set up a small volunteer group of moderators and made the forum once again a useful resource. This in turn made the site valuable again for advertisers, with excellent advertising sales results, from existing clients, returning old clients and brand new clients.
  • Edits daily social media updates for GoKunming Facebook and Instagram pages.


  • Set up her own company and manages her own acquisition, bookkeeping, planning, communication and design.
  • Managed the workflow of the Destination China video team.
  • Reorganised and structured CloudBridge/GoKunming – bringing it up to international organisation management standards. Organized the archive, set up a project management protocol, designed budget templates and implemented weekly meetings, appraisals and more.
  • Managed the finances of Virtueel Platform foundation and the tidy and organised handing over of the administration to a new merger organisation.

Cultural events

  • Founded the Kunming International Situationist Society. Initiated, conceptualized and produced the first KISS microfest, featuring talks, a film screening and a live music performance with experimental electronic instruments.
  • Initiated and produced Cyclic! – a celebration of bicycle culture. Together with Cheryl Gallaway she organised a three-day minifestival with performances, a bicycle ride, an art exhibition and more.


  • Initiated the Kunming International Situationist Society KISS in 2019 and participated in several dérives, a Situanist art practice and a form of urban performance.
  • Concept and installation for Human Driven exhibition at IWE museum, Kunming. In collaboration with Luofei.
  • Artwork and Lecture for exhibition at Nordica gallery, Kunming.
  • Bicycle Monologues performance at the Amsterdam edition of the Bicycle Film Festival.
  • Initiator of Cyclic! – where cycling and art meet during a three day festival in 2010.

Social responsibility

  • Provided trustworthy information on Covid-19 for the international community of Yunnan, with the help of a team of dedicated volunteers she set up and managed. Her articles were followed way beyond Yunnan, as it was one of the very few English news sources from within China that provided up-to-date and verified information.
  • Yearly birthday fundraiser for Heart to Heart, a charity that helps rural Yunnan kids get the heart disease diagnosis, operation or treatment they need. So far 7500 RMB or about $1000 have been raised.
  • Volunteered as a language coach for refugees in the Netherlands with Stichting Vluchtelingenwerk.

Other milestones

  • Cycled from Amsterdam to Tokyo. On her Oufti blog you can find some of the stories from the road.
  • Re-designed and renovated her historical Amsterdam apartment.